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I’m here to help you to Heal and Awaken The Goddess Within You so that you can Transform Your Life and Awaken to Your Purpose. You deserve to live a joyous life filled with purpose.

Genevieve Taeger

Genevieve Taeger – My Story

I’ve done what most people do: get a career that is not in alignment with who I am, in order to follow the social norm; ensuring that I have a regular income working at a corporate world. I worked as a Professional for 30 years, eventually moving into a Director role in Environmental, Health & Safety, overseeing a staff of 1,000 people and 3 facilities. I knew what it was like to work hard and I kept telling myself that, one day, I will live my Purpose.

Every year, I just ignored the spiritual side of me and told myself that I had to be responsible. I kept thinking that my life would get easier, but it just kept getting more difficult. I was making a good income, but, like so many people out there, I was very unhappy.

As years progressed, I just kept convincing myself that life would get easier. It didn’t; It got harder and harder, until, I, finally, had a breakdown. It was then and there I made a choice to LISTEN to my heart’s calling and I told myself to, “STOP!”

I asked myself that if I didn’t start living my life according to my true heart’s calling, when would I? That was my turning point and I knew right then and there that I was going to follow the Divine Wisdom that kept telling me to Live My Purpose so I can help other Souls Heal and Awaken to their Purpose.

This Place in My Life Brought Me to You

I work with Ambitious Souls who are ready to Discover and Awaken to their Purpose, so that they can Live Joyous Lives, Fulfilling their Potential and Creating a Life that Sets their Souls on Fire!

I’m here to help you to get past what is holding you back from Living a Life of Purpose in both your Personal Life and Professional Life.

The Healing and Awakening The Goddess Within Program has been Divinely Guided by the Divine Goddesses, Ascended Masters, and Archangels. The Divine Wisdom, Initiations, and Activations that have been handed down to me to help you heal what is holding you back, so that you can Awaken to your Divine Gifts and your Holy Spirit’s Purpose.

The Divine Goddesses want you to know that you are meant to Awaken to Your Spirit’s Desires so that you can Activate Your Purpose Now.

Most people don’t know how to discover their Purpose. The Benevolent Realm has shown me how to help you Awaken to Your Spirit’s Desires.

You deserve this! Register now so I can show you just how incredible and ready you truly are.


Client Love

I was on a path of self-discovery when I discovered Genevieve through the Next  Level Soul podcast. I felt an immediate connection and decided to join her six-month course, “Heal & Awaken the Goddess Within,” conducted in a group setting via Zoom.

Genevieve is a beautiful soul, and I feel immensely blessed to have found her! Her course was life-changing in countless ways. My most significant breakthrough was realizing that I embody the Divine within and can always communicate with it. Genevieve led us through various modules, each designed to help us delve deeply into ourselves and uncover our true identities. These exercises guided me to my Divine Purpose, which I am actively pursuing.

I am forever grateful to Genevieve for helping me discover my true self and realize that I am divinely guided. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone on a journey to find inner guidance to connect with her and experience her transformative program. Additionally, the beautiful relationships I formed within the group were invaluable. The group setting allowed us to share our experiences, communicate openly, and support one another throughout the journey.

Kim Discenza

Like most others, I have spent my adult life making money and raising a family. I am very fortunate to “have it all,” but inside me, I often wondered, “Am I Doing What I Am Here to Do? What Am I Here to do Anyway?”That was the beginning  of my path as a seeker.

One day, I watched Genevieve interviewed by Alex in NLS and right away, I knew that she was the one who could help me answer these questions. As it turned out, I got much, much, much more than I asked for. This course is a journey of self-discovery, integration of my masculine and feminine self, integration of my humanness with my divinity and culminating in my understanding of how we are all One with the Creator and all its creations!

I no longer see myself as separate from anyone or anything. This 180-degree shift in my perception came about naturally through the wisdom teachings, exercises, and initiations given by Genevieve. I encourage anyone looking for a true transformation to do the course.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side with the other graduates/initiates who have become a powerful force shining our light and sharing our love with all! This awesome community is the special GIFT that took me by surprise. 

Kwee Ping

What made me want to take the Heal and Awaken the Goddess Within program with Genevieve Taeger was the depth of sincerity, commitment, and sensitive, intelligent reflection that Genevieve herself embodied and expressed. When I saw her on a Next Level Soul podcast, I felt a connection and was drawn to work with her to not just get back up on my feet after grief but to do so at a higher level.

This Journey makes you dig deep and shed what may be preventing you from moving forward. I have to say Genevieve’s combination approach, including the community sharing element, allows for comprehensive growth. I was blessed, supported, led, challenged, inspired, and uplifted by this Journey and Genevieve, who simultaneously acted as sister, mentor, and Benevolent Being.

This enabled the releasing of hesitations and fears, learning again to be in self-love and Love, generally, and to live as one with our Higher Self. It allowed me to step fully into my Calling as an Artist who channels Gaia’s healing energy frequencies to help others heal, ascend, and raise the vibration of people and the planet.

So, for those who are considering taking this program, I recommend it highly; there are so many transformations waiting for you to assist in your reconnection to your Higher Self and your purpose—the reason why you came to this Earth journey in the first place.

Genevieve Taeger, I appreciate your generosity of time and thought and the commitment and guidance you have shown through this Journey: it has indeed been one of transformation. You have touched my Life and raised my Path. Thank you!

Natasha Ksonzek

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