Are You Ready to Transform Your Life and Awaken to Your Purpose?

Heal & Awaken The Goddess Within You!
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Are You Ready to Awaken to Your Purpose?

Do you feel like it is not realistic to live your purpose?

The Truth is, your Spirit is longing for you to Heal and Awaken The Goddess Within so that you CAN Live Your Purpose NOW.

Genevieve Taeger

The Perfect Time Is Now!

I work with Ambitious Souls who are ready to Discover and Awaken to their Purpose, so that they can Live Joyous Lives, Fulfilling their Potential and Creating a Life that Sets their Souls on Fire!

I’m here to help you to get past what is holding you back from Living a Life of Purpose in both your Personal Life and Professional Life.

The Healing and Awakening The Goddess Within Program has been Divinely Guided by the Divine Goddesses, Ascended Masters, and Archangels. The Divine Wisdom, Initiations, and Activations that have been handed down to me to help you heal what is holding you back, so that you can Awaken to your Divine Gifts and your Holy Spirit’s Purpose.

The Divine Goddesses want you to know that you are meant to Awaken to Your Spirit’s Desires so that you can Activate Your Purpose Now.

Most people don’t know how to discover their purpose. The Benevolent Realm has shown me how to help you Awaken to Your Spirit’s Desires.

You so deserve this! Book your Clarity Call with me, so I show you just how incredible and ready you, truly, are.

Hi! I’m Genevieve Taeger…

I am now living that Purpose-Driven life, but I wasn’t always. I worked as a Professional for 30 years, eventually moving into a Director role in Environmental, Health & Safety, overseeing a staff of 1,000 people. I knew what it was like to work hard and I kept telling myself that, one day, I will live my Purpose. Every year, I just ignored the spiritual side of me and told myself that I had to be responsible. I kept thinking that my life would get easier, but it just kept getting more difficult, until I had a breakdown. Little did I know this was a blessing in disguise. That was my turning point and I knew right then and there that I was going to follow the Divine Wisdom that kept telling me to Live My Purpose so I can help other Souls to Heal and Awaken to their Purpose.

Genevieve Taeger

Client Love

This Program transformed my life, awakened me to the hidden parts of my soul, and healed my traumas from this lifetime and past lifetimes with her sacred teachings and her voice of an Angel. Genevieve’s sacred teachings taught me to overcome fears, stress, and limited beliefs. I activated my connection to the Divine, the Beings of Light, Angelic Realms, Dragons Realm, and Mother Gaia.

As a highly empathic person, I hit the wall; I was ready to change and understand myself better. I was tired of being tired, caring about the heavy energy of my trauma,  and not knowing what my next steps in life were. I knew I was ready to transform. I was frustrated by the state of the world, and I was frustrated to feel the pain of  Gaia; I was frustrated where I was with my own life; I knew I was meant for more, for myself and the world.

My most significant breakthrough was that we are all healers and intuitive beings born to live magnificent lives and that Divine Will is always available to us. This program opened me to discover the most incredible friendships in this community: a place where one can freely express one’s gifts, talents, and stories, feel safe and yet vulnerable by going through the process of healing, and yet have fun, laughs, and tears by holding space for everyone.

In 6 months,  I have transformed! My fears don’t control my life and decision-making anymore; I’m in the process of walking my life path and purpose, my soul is free to express freely, and my goddess is awakened and activated to serve and help the world. My advice for those sitting on the fence about it: Genevieve’s program is the most sacred wisdom teachings you will find; it transforms, activates, and awakens you. This is the only program you will need to transform your life.


I met Genevieve only a few months after the Love of my life transitioned. While grieving, my Love’s Soul and other Benevolent Beings started communicating with me. All the channeled information I received led me to want to discover the next steps to take on my path with these newfound Gifts.

Taking part in Genevieve’s Program gave me the exact support I needed. Within the Program, I drew a concrete future path for myself to offer my Gifts to serve Mother Earth and fellow humans so that we all, as One, contribute to the universal expansion. I transformed my grief into creativity with a clear vision of how I would live my Mission and honour the inner yet planetary calling.

I sincerely hope as many people as possible can find support and programmes like Genevieve’s. The teacher comes when the student is ready. That was the case for me. I wish to see all inhabitants of our beautiful planet become such ‘ready students’ and their ‘Genevieve’ would come along.

Love & Light!

Lena Klopcic, Slovenia (yep, sLOVEnia!)

I felt that I had to make a move in my life and step out of my comfort zone. I had a strong feeling that what Genevieve had to offer and teach was what I needed right now.

It was a much bigger transformational process than I could have ever imagined. There was a lot of confrontation and healing of past trauma and of many conscious and unconscious layers of my being. I received many wisdom teachings, gained profound insights into my being and experienced the wonderful support and guidance of the spiritual realms.

Before the program, I had doubts, fears, and many emotional ups and downs. During the process, I could feel a constant energy upgrade. I learnt to free myself from many limiting beliefs and found a purpose in life that inspires me to become creative and take action. I have shifted my energy and my awareness to a whole new level. My new reality is a state of inner balance, joy and clarity. I have learnt to trust and finally feel connected to and guided by my higher Self and the Divine realms. I received many tools and teachings that I can apply and feel inspired, joyful and confident on the journey ahead.

Genevieve is an incredible mentor, authentic, and compassionate. She generously offers her grand knowledge as a spiritual guide. Throughout the process, she supported me beautifully with her extensive experience in coaching and leadership.

I love the community of like-minded beings I found on that journey, and we continue to give each other inspiration and support after the program has finished. Some ideas for projects are emerging that we would love to realize together to help humanity raise its consciousness.

I highly recommend taking on the program with Genevieve and the Divine realms.

The whole process can be intense and emotionally demanding.

However rich and profound the experience and the reward will be, it depends on your willingness and openness to dive deep into yourself and connect to your inner wisdom and love.

Susann Schnurrenberger

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