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This Program transformed my life, awakened me to the hidden parts of my soul, and healed my traumas from this lifetime and past lifetimes with her sacred teachings and her voice of an Angel. Genevieve’s sacred teachings taught me to overcome fears, stress, and limited beliefs. I activated my connection to the Divine, the Beings of Light, Angelic Realms, Dragons Realm, and Mother Gaia.

As a highly empathic person, I hit the wall; I was ready to change and understand myself better. I was tired of being tired, caring about the heavy energy of my trauma,  and not knowing what my next steps in life were. I knew I was ready to transform. I was frustrated by the state of the world, and I was frustrated to feel the pain of  Gaia; I was frustrated where I was with my own life; I knew I was meant for more, for myself and the world.

My most significant breakthrough was that we are all healers and intuitive beings born to live magnificent lives and that Divine Will is always available to us. This program opened me to discover the most incredible friendships in this community: a place where one can freely express one’s gifts, talents, and stories, feel safe and yet vulnerable by going through the process of healing, and yet have fun, laughs, and tears by holding space for everyone.

In 6 months,  I have transformed! My fears don’t control my life and decision-making anymore; I’m in the process of walking my life path and purpose, my soul is free to express freely, and my goddess is awakened and activated to serve and help the world. My advice for those sitting on the fence about it: Genevieve’s program is the most sacred wisdom teachings you will find; it transforms, activates, and awakens you. This is the only program you will need to transform your life.


I met Genevieve only a few months after the Love of my life transitioned. While grieving, my Love’s Soul and other Benevolent Beings started communicating with me. All the channeled information I received led me to want to discover the next steps to take on my path with these newfound Gifts.

Taking part in Genevieve’s Program gave me the exact support I needed. Within the Program, I drew a concrete future path for myself to offer my Gifts to serve Mother Earth and fellow humans so that we all, as One, contribute to the universal expansion. I transformed my grief into creativity with a clear vision of how I would live my Mission and honour the inner yet planetary calling.

I sincerely hope as many people as possible can find support and programmes like Genevieve’s. The teacher comes when the student is ready. That was the case for me. I wish to see all inhabitants of our beautiful planet become such ‘ready students’ and their ‘Genevieve’ would come along.

Love & Light!

Lena Klopcic, Slovenia (yep, sLOVEnia!)

I felt that I had to make a move in my life and step out of my comfort zone. I had a strong feeling that what Genevieve had to offer and teach was what I needed right now.

It was a much bigger transformational process than I could have ever imagined. There was a lot of confrontation and healing of past trauma and of many conscious and unconscious layers of my being. I received many wisdom teachings, gained profound insights into my being and experienced the wonderful support and guidance of the spiritual realms.

Before the program, I had doubts, fears, and many emotional ups and downs. During the process, I could feel a constant energy upgrade. I learnt to free myself from many limiting beliefs and found a purpose in life that inspires me to become creative and take action. I have shifted my energy and my awareness to a whole new level. My new reality is a state of inner balance, joy and clarity. I have learnt to trust and finally feel connected to and guided by my higher Self and the Divine realms. I received many tools and teachings that I can apply and feel inspired, joyful and confident on the journey ahead.

Genevieve is an incredible mentor, authentic, and compassionate. She generously offers her grand knowledge as a spiritual guide. Throughout the process, she supported me beautifully with her extensive experience in coaching and leadership.

I love the community of like-minded beings I found on that journey, and we continue to give each other inspiration and support after the program has finished. Some ideas for projects are emerging that we would love to realize together to help humanity raise its consciousness.

I highly recommend taking on the program with Genevieve and the Divine realms.

The whole process can be intense and emotionally demanding.

However rich and profound the experience and the reward will be, it depends on your willingness and openness to dive deep into yourself and connect to your inner wisdom and love.

Susann Schnurrenberger

Genevieve, I would like to thank you for an expansive six months! Your program literally peeled the layers of protection that each of us carries, exposing us to our divine selves. You were always there, offering your belief in us even when we couldn’t muster our own self-belief.

Your loving and warrior spirit engulfed us in a cocoon of safety and security that allowed for our individual expansion, and I will be eternally grateful for that.

I encourage any seeker of inner guidance to reach out to you and commit to your program. You stand out in this field of dubious mentors as a beacon of purity and commitment to the divine unfoldment of the masses. Thank you 


I took Genevieve’s Heal and Awaken the Goddess Within Course from fall 2023 to spring 2024. I had not seen her Next Level Soul interview or read her book. A friend and I attended her Reiki course, and I learned about her other courses then. Genevieve’s grounded, practical style appealed to me. I felt strong bodily sensations during her guided meditations, which is rare for me. I made a quick decision I hadn’t budgeted for, and it was well worth it!

I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I was ready to join a group of like-minded soul journeyers and explore new terrain. Genevieve led us through a divinely inspired and beautifully structured course that began with healing. We did the work. This was not a passive receiving of imparted wisdom. For the transformation stage, she showed us why we needed to find out things for ourselves (because the answers are within each of us) and how to find our inner leader, savior, and spirit warrior.

Genevieve facilitated a safe environment filled with loving souls who supported and encouraged one another. It was a place of respect, honor, dignity, and spiritual love. We all came with known and undiscovered pain points, abilities, and hopes for our future. We discovered hidden talents, dreams, and so much more. There were bumps along the way for me, which Genevieve tended to with the utmost grace and discernment. Her approach was a combination of support and detachment, indicating firm boundaries and an open heart and mind. She’s not a fixer. She is a coach. She is all about personal empowerment, which is what we all need.

I am writing this to encourage anyone considering whether this investment in time, money, and energy is right for them to follow their inner guidance as I did. Doing so is a good start to build on in the months ahead. Think about what you desire, what you know has been holding you back from being your bravest and strongest self, even if you aren’t sure but are ready to find out once and for all! Consider what it would be like to meet others who are right there with you every step of the way. Trust yourself. I believe in you!


I first experienced Genevieve after watching Next Level Soul and was immediately drawn to her like a magnet. I had to know more. I felt that the help I was seeking was going to be with Genevieve. I just knew.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Genevieve, for helping me to step into my power without fear!

I initially signed up for the course to enable me to connect with my guides and learn the practices that would help me do this safely. The course did so much more!

It activated my dormant gift of channeling and I received many initiations that have activated my connection to many divine and Angelic realms. I received healing, close personal guidance, activation, and most of all divine CLARITY !

Not only was my life purpose revealed, but I was also given the tools to step out of my fear and step into my divine power and knowing. I have connected to my guides and have stepped into my life purpose!

If you are reading this testimonial, I encourage you to fully step forward and embrace the course. Blessings and gold nuggets are waiting for you!


I was on a path of self-discovery when I discovered Genevieve through the Next  Level Soul podcast. I felt an immediate connection and decided to join her six-month course, “Heal & Awaken the Goddess Within,” conducted in a group setting via Zoom.

Genevieve is a beautiful soul, and I feel immensely blessed to have found her! Her course was life-changing in countless ways. My most significant breakthrough was realizing that I embody the Divine within and can always communicate with it. Genevieve led us through various modules, each designed to help us delve deeply into ourselves and uncover our true identities. These exercises guided me to my Divine Purpose, which I am actively pursuing.

I am forever grateful to Genevieve for helping me discover my true self and realize that I am divinely guided. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone on a journey to find inner guidance to connect with her and experience her transformative program. Additionally, the beautiful relationships I formed within the group were invaluable. The group setting allowed us to share our experiences, communicate openly, and support one another throughout the journey.

Kim Discenza

Like most others, I have spent my adult life making money and raising a family. I am very fortunate to “have it all,” but inside me, I often wondered, “Am I Doing What I Am Here to Do? What Am I Here to do Anyway?”That was the beginning  of my path as a seeker.

One day, I watched Genevieve interviewed by Alex in NLS and right away, I knew that she was the one who could help me answer these questions. As it turned out, I got much, much, much more than I asked for. This course is a journey of self-discovery, integration of my masculine and feminine self, integration of my humanness with my divinity and culminating in my understanding of how we are all One with the Creator and all its creations!

I no longer see myself as separate from anyone or anything. This 180-degree shift in my perception came about naturally through the wisdom teachings, exercises, and initiations given by Genevieve. I encourage anyone looking for a true transformation to do the course.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side with the other graduates/initiates who have become a powerful force shining our light and sharing our love with all! This awesome community is the special GIFT that took me by surprise. 

Kwee Ping

What made me want to take the Heal and Awaken the Goddess Within program with Genevieve Taeger was the depth of sincerity, commitment, and sensitive, intelligent reflection that Genevieve herself embodied and expressed. When I saw her on a Next Level Soul podcast, I felt a connection and was drawn to work with her to not just get back up on my feet after grief but to do so at a higher level.

This Journey makes you dig deep and shed what may be preventing you from moving forward. I have to say Genevieve’s combination approach, including the community sharing element, allows for comprehensive growth. I was blessed, supported, led, challenged, inspired, and uplifted by this Journey and Genevieve, who simultaneously acted as sister, mentor, and Benevolent Being.

This enabled the releasing of hesitations and fears, learning again to be in self-love and Love, generally, and to live as one with our Higher Self. It allowed me to step fully into my Calling as an Artist who channels Gaia’s healing energy frequencies to help others heal, ascend, and raise the vibration of people and the planet.

So, for those who are considering taking this program, I recommend it highly; there are so many transformations waiting for you to assist in your reconnection to your Higher Self and your purpose—the reason why you came to this Earth journey in the first place.

Genevieve Taeger, I appreciate your generosity of time and thought and the commitment and guidance you have shown through this Journey: it has indeed been one of transformation. You have touched my Life and raised my Path. Thank you!

Natasha Ksonzek

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