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Are You Ready to Awaken to Your Purpose?

it is time for souls to heal and awaken to their true potential

The Truth is, your Spirit is longing for you to Heal and Awaken The Goddess Within so that you CAN Live Your Purpose NOW.

Genevieve Taeger

Are You Ready for a Major Transformation?

When you book a call for your Empowered Channeled Guidance Session, you will receive Healing and Divine Directions on moving forward toward living your Purpose.

During our call, the first 15 minutes are spent asking you what is going on in your life and what you need help with to live your Purpose. Genevieve will then spend 45 minutes Channeling one or more Goddesses, Ascended Masters, or Angels who will give you the answers to your questions. During this time, Genevieve will also be Channeling extremely high-frequency energy, which you will receive to help heal what is holding you back from truly living your Purpose. During the last 15 minutes, Genevieve will talk with you to see how you are doing and answer any questions regarding your next action steps.

It is essential to understand the Benevolent Beings will give you what you need (not necessarily what you think you need or want) to take you to the next level. They help you to get past your illusions so you can walk an empowered life.

To prepare for the call, please ensure you are in a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed. Some information that is channeled may be very private. Please come prepared with the questions you would like to have answered. Keep in mind that the answers given are in alignment with Divine Truth. This means you will hear guidance from the Benevolent Beings that consist of Divine Love, Wisdom, and Power. They will always challenge illusions and help you to understand what these illusions are. They know you are capable of playing big, so they give you the respect that you are ready to hear immaculate and grand possibilities for yourself.

After the session, you may feel tired as your body will receive tremendous healing. You may need to take a rest afterward. Please keep this in mind. Make sure you drink plenty of water to flush out toxins from your body.

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3 Steps to Awaken Your Intuition and Discover Your Purpose

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 3 Steps to Awaken Your Intuition and Discover Your Purpose

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